Coffee with Miles Fisher (The L.A.-based actor and entrepreneur talks coffee, style, Harvard, and Rowing Blazers)

Coffee with Miles Fisher (The L.A.-based actor and entrepreneur talks coffee, style, Harvard, and Rowing Blazers)

Miles Fisher is an American actor, coffee roaster and globetrotter (and looks good doing it).

We had a chance to sit down with Miles at his home on the Westside in LA for a candid conversation about his style inspirations over one of the most devilishly decent cups of coffee we've ever enjoyed.

The following excerpts have been condensed from a longer interview: ​

RB: Talk to us about coffee.

Virtually every culture in every corner of the world enjoys coffee and has done so for millennia. Coffee is more than a brown liquid with caffeine. It's a conversation. It's a ritual. It's a moment to sharpen ideas.

Simply put, good coffee is fresh coffee. My partner and I started Cups Coffee because the direct-to-doorstep model seemed to make a lot of sense for the hundreds of millions of people who start each day with a coffee. Why drive to a grocery store to buy stale beans from soulless conglomerates when we can send fresher, better beans right to your door for the same price.

And high-end, overpriced cafes? Leather aprons and hats that looked good on cyclists in the 30's? Cut out the noise and pomp. Just good coffee and a better price for everyday Americans. Anyway, that was the core of the idea and we've grown a great deal since then.

RB: How would you define Miles Fisher style?

Ha! t​rying to define yourself is ​a bit like trying to bite your own teeth, but I'll give it a shot. ​​I always appreciate a good story. I studied English at College because I wanted a solid foundation in the nuts and bolts of narrative. To that end, the clothes I wear and the keepsakes I treasure all have story behind them.

You know, there is a way of living that has a certain grace and beauty. It is not a constant race for what is next, but an appreciation for that which has come before. I try to tip my hat to heritage and narrative with a light touch.

I don't know about you, but I'm not into anyone or anything that insists upon itself.  You know? It just seems too easy today to scream look at me. I suppose I appreciate functional clothes that are quietly well made and I try to wear them with a posture that is alert yet relaxed​.​

RB: Can you describe some of the inspiration behind the interior design of your house?

I remember I was once on a hunting trip at friend's estate in Bavaria. It was just what you'd imagine - terribly chic, very comfortable, each room having a charming patina about it. Now, that's not anything like this little cottage here in LA, but the Germans kept using the word "gemütlichkeit" to describe it. I learned the word more or less can be translated to "posh coziness". The moment I heard that, I knew that was the theme. Combine that with a sense of place, restraint, and personal narrative and that's the idea around here. Everything should tell a story.

RB: What do you like about Rowing Blazers as a brand?

​The truth its, a​nyone who has the money can buy fashion any time. Style on the other hand,​ is something you have to learn and earn. It develops and refines itself. You won’t find it in the shop window, or simply by knowing the trendy labels.

What's great about your core product, the rowing blazer, is that it's rooted in something that had to be earned. You had to make the team, to perform. The original varsity jacket as it were. That you've extended your line to reflect an updated take on objects that have heritage, purpose, and functionality is very clever. ​

In today's retail marketplace, it occurs to me that everyone is making noise. But your threads are actually saying something. The best way to convey passion is through education. I like that you're informing through narrative, history, while not insisting upon yourself to much. You've struck a nice tone.

RB: You’ve had an interesting and varied career and life. What are the highlights?

​I'm only 34 pal! Here's hoping I'm just starting out on the second act of a multi-act play. Let's see, perhaps most of the color in my life has come from my travels. I think travel is one of the few things in life that one can spend money on that actually makes you richer. I've been to over 50 countries in my life and each journey has shaped my world view and interior perspective.

Harvard was Hogwarts. Most fun four years of my life. Getting to act in a handful of movies and TV shows has been rewarding in so far as some of the people I've gotten to work alongside. But honestly, it's the cumulative journeys around the world that have given me stories beyond the milage of 34 years.

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