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Jeff Koons X Ikepod Horizon "Cannonballs" Model HHTJK In Titanium


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Jeff Koons X Ikepod Horizon "Cannonballs" Model HHTJK In Titanium


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  • Marc Newson’s designs have been revered over the years within the watch industry. Notable collaborations include reinterpreting Jaeger-LeCoultre’s iconic Atmos clocks, as well as his captivating objet d'art Hourglass, first for Ikepod and then sold under the HG-Timepiece name. Those who are familiar with his emergence into the watchmaking industry through Ikepod in 1994 are well aware of his lasting influence through the most universally popular wristwatch, the Apple Watch.

    More recently there has been a renaissance amongst watch enthusiasts for the Hemipode, with the likes of Kanye West wearing one on the cover of GQ Magazine.

    According to HypeBeast’s 2009 article “Only 10 extremely limited edition units were produced for the platinum version, each retailing for an astounding $51,833 USD, while the purple titanium option is available for a lower price tag of $15,118 USD.”

    The collaboration was inspired by the American artist Jeff Koons’ 2006-2010 exhibition piece ‘Cannonballs’. The work takes inspiration from the Marvel comic character, The Hulk, in molecular form. Koons described his sculpture by stating: “This stack of cannonballs is actually The Hulk. If you would take the Hulk and break him down, in a molecular-like structure, this would be the proportions. Of his greens, his violet and his black. This piece is having a dialogue with minimalism and making reference to Sol LeWitt.”

    The watch’s introduction in 2009 served to make an impact on the lives of others with the proceeds directly going towards the Koons Family Institute to help missing and exploited children.

    This example is being offered in new and unworn condition, with the stickers on the front and back of the case remaining in place and untouched. It also includes the original leather case and outer cardboard box.

    The strap design was used by Apple on the Apple Watch. Watches like this Jeff Koons model as well as the Kaws model bridged the worlds of art and horology directly like few other watches have. Marc Newson is perhaps the most famous designer of our time.

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