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Rowing Blazers

At Rowing Blazers, we believe in the classics.

For us, classic  doesn't mean stuffy and pretentious. On the contrary, we actually think that the classics - done right - can be inclusive, upbeat, irreverent, youthful.

We are dedicated to the idea that there is an inherent value in doing things the right way - a universal respect for "the real thing" - that transcends made-up boundaries and superficial categories ("preppies," "punks," "nerds," "hipsters," "hypebeasts," "jocks"). We are cultural omnivores.

The oxford shirt is a classic. Ours are handmade with Japanese oxford cloth, the perfect S-roll collar, pressed cotton buttons, and a piece of sandpaper in case you want to distress it like they did in the old days.

Authenticity is what we're all about. The real thing. We're obsessive about using traditional construction techniques and fabrics, and about producing sustainanly and ethically.

We are also thoughtful about design. Rather than slapping phony "crests" or random graphics on our products, we like to have a reason, a story, a meaning, behind everything we do.

We like creating things that will not only last a lifetime, but that will still look good many years from now.

The polo shirt is a classic. Ours are logo-free and made from soft 100% pima cotton piqué with a split tail. Most notably, perhaps, each of our polo shirts features a hand-sewn diagonal stripe in genuine satin.

Almost everyone owns a blazer of some description. But few realize the blazer originated in the sport of rowing, where they were the hoodies of their time: warm-up jackets for oarsmen at Cambridge and Oxford. They were highly practical: unlined, ventless (the vent was an innovation of riding), constructed with patch pockets, soft shoulders, and metal buttons.

The original blazers were anything but stuffy, and when guys started wearing them outside of training to class, to meals, at parties, and on weekend getaways - they were considered not only casual, but rebellious.

The blazer is a classic. The originals were the hoodies of their time and constructed with an unlined back, a 3 roll-2 button stance, patch pockets, soft shoulders and no vent. That's how ours are made. They're practical, rakish, and rebellious - anything but stuffy.

From the start, blazers were tribal totems, often made in loud club colors or team stripes. One of these early rowing club jackets - the "blazing red" coats of Lady Margaret Boat Club at Cambridge even gave us the word "blazer."

The blazer tradition is alive and well in the sport of rowing today, and Rowing Blazers is proud to be the official blazer supplier to any of the world's most historic rowing clubs; this includes making the original red flannel blazers for Lady Margaret Boat Club at Cambridge. All of our blazers are made to the original pattern, with the original details and construction techniques.

We're proud to make blazers for many of the world's top rowing, rugby, and social clubs. Like the court liveries of medieval Europe, the gang colors of East L.A., and the patches of the Hell's Angels, rowing blazers are tribal totems.

The rugby is just as mportant to us as the blazer (and like the navy blazer, it's one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in the world). The rugby shirt has its origins in traditional British sport too, but it's just as readily associated with pop culture  icons from Mick Jagger and David Hockney to Snoop Dogg and Tyler the Creator.

We honor that heritage in the art, punk, prep and hip-hop worlds, while also being obsessive about authenticity and "the original:" our super heavyweight rugbies are unlike anything else being made today and are all handmade on vintage knitting machines.

The rugby shirt is a classic. Born on the playing fields of Rugby School, where William Webb Ellis invented the  ame of rugby with a fine isregard for the rules," the rugby shirt should be made of super heavyweight cotton jersey knitted in the traditional 12-gauge style. That's how ours are made, and you can feel the difference.

Rowing Blazers was founded in New York City in 2017 by author, archaeologist, and U.S. national team rower Jack Carlson; and his girlfriend, national champion oarswoman Keziah Beall. The brand began as a book,  which Jack researched and wrote while studying at Oxford. Rowing Blazers the book is about the colorful and eccentric traditions, myths, and rituals related to the blazer at rowing clubs around the world.

Rowing Blazers the brand is rooted in those traditions, but in more general terms, it is a brand: