About Us

Rowing Blazers is a brand and design studio created by archaeologist, author, and U.S. national rowing team alum Jack Carlson. Based in New York, the brand is known for its colorful, slightly subversive take on the classics, as well as its cult following and limited-edition collaborations. 

Combining elements from the worlds of tailoring, sportswear, and streetwear, Rowing Blazers combines a reverence for quality and tradition with an irreverence for the rules.

Rowing Blazers began as a tailoring house dedicated to crafting club blazers (the world’s first sporting uniforms). Today the brand continues this tradition, making blazers for many of the world’s most storied rowing clubs. But the brand also draws inspiration from the world of sport more broadly, as well as from literature, pop culture, and the American “preppy” canon. 

Beyond tailoring, Rowing Blazers is also known for its rugby and polo shirts, outerwear, knits, leisurewear, accessories, and fast-selling collaborations with the likes of Gucci, Seiko, Barbour, Umbro, FILA, Sperry, Noah, Tudor, J. Press, Lands’ End, Zodiac, Eric Emanuel, Tracksmith, ’47, J. Crew, Beams Plus, and the NBA. 

Rowing Blazers has developed a cult following that includes Oscar winners and royalty, Apollo astronauts and Olympic gold medalists, Wimbledon and NBA champions, and other luminaries in art, sport, academia, film, music, and exploration.

Rowing Blazers works with some of the best fabric mills, artisans, and workshops in the world to create pieces that will last. 

Community has always been at the center of the Rowing Blazers brand, and we are proud to partner regularly with a wide range of philanthropic organizations. These have included Row New York, Play Rugby USA, Social Change Fund United, Save the Children, the NAACP, Stop AAPI Hate, the Robin Hood Foundation, the Bee Conservancy, and more.

We are a small, young, New York-based brand, as well as a diverse, global community. We invite you to discover our world, and to join us.