About Us

Group of models all wearing Rowing Blazers, sitting on the steps of a building

Rowing Blazers is an American clothing brand and design lab for the classics founded by Jack Carlson. We are dedicated to authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship; and simultaneously to irreverence, inclusivity, sustainability, empowerment, and fun. There's a sense of humor, often a hint of irony, in everything we do; and it's as central to the brand as our sense of community, our timeless aesthetic, our dedication to historical research, and our commitment to making pieces that will last a lifetime.

We work with some of the best fabric mills, artisans, factories and workshops in the world, and we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards. Almost all of our clothes are made in Europe and the United States -- by people who are skilled in traditional construction techniques and whose commitment to quality, to their own people, to the planet, and to ethical, sustainable production matches our own. That’s one of the reasons that we are entrusted to make blazers and other kit for some of the world’s leading sporting and social clubs, including the U.S. national rowing and rugby teams.

Rowing Blazers is also a community. We're known for our collaborations with like-minded brands big and small; our events and parties; a cult following, which includes some of our own heroes from all walks of life; and our partnerships with artists, athletes, musicians, and iconic eating and drinking establishments. We serve as a platform for other brands we like and whose values we share, and you can find some of these brands in our online shop alongside Rowing Blazers' own products. We also serve as a platform for causes and movements in which we believe, and we regularly put our money where our mouth is when we speak out on issues and events that matter to us by donating to a wide range of charitable organizations, including our principal charitable partner, Row New York.

Rowing Blazers weaves together an eclectic mix of influences: sport, nostalgia, travel; "prep" (whatever that means); '80s and '90s cultural tropes; Oxbridge style, and Japan's subversive take on "Ivy;" hip-hop culture and the rise of streetwear; tennis, basketball, rugby, skiing; elite and amateur athletics in all forms; the romance of exploration; and symbols, art, and archaeology - ancient and modern. These influences are the interests of Rowing Blazers’ founder, Jack Carlson.

Jack is a designer, author, archaeologist, and former U.S. team athlete. A three-time member of the United States national rowing team, he is a World Championships bronze medalist and has also won Henley Royal Regatta and the Head of the Charles. Jack earned his doctorate in archaeology at Brasenose College, Oxford, and his undergraduate degree in Classics and Chinese at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. He spent time as a field archaeologist in Italy, and has written on a variety of topics, from Iron Age weapons to the Arch of Constantine. Among other things, he’s a Fellow of The Explorers Club and a member of the I.B.F. (the International Bar Flies) at Harry’s Bar in Paris. He is a lifelong and passionate vegetarian, and also serves on the board of Row New York. He wrote the book Rowing Blazers before founding the eponymous brand.