Our Values

Models wearing the various Flag Sweaters from our International collection

We zig when others zag. We believe that doing things the right way is more important than the bottom line. We believe in inclusivity, empowerment, and opportunity. We believe in breaking down barriers, celebrating diversity, and being cultural omnivores. We care more about people and the planet than we do about profits. We believe in ethical sourcing, human dignity, and fair pay. We believe actions speak louder than words. Esse quam videri: to be, rather than to seem. And we believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and donating to causes we believe in. We also know that we aren’t perfect and that the fashion industry is inherently not sustainable — and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of it. But we also believe there’s value in trying your best, in innovating, and providing an alternative to the status quo.

Like many brands, our clothes are inspired by old-school British and American sportswear. It’s a world with its own problematic, elitist past. While some might gloss over, lean into, or even reinforce these tropes with their imagery and campaigns, we take a more ironic, slightly subversive approach — and strive to foster an inclusive culture that celebrates the diverse voices of our customers and community, our team and our partners.

We have partnered with and donated to a diverse array of organizations doing work we believe in, including:

⁃ Row New York
⁃ Play Rugby USA
⁃ Stop AAPI Hate
⁃ Save the Children
⁃ The Robin Hood Foundation
⁃ Social Change Fund United
⁃ Athletes Against Anxiety & Depression
⁃ The Bee Conservancy

We produce the vast majority of our products in Portugal and the United States — and all of our products in workshops, factories, and mills dedicated to quality, tradition, and human wellbeing. All of our factories are clean, safe, and reputable, providing workers with fair working conditions and fair pay. Additionally, they are OEKO-TEX® certified, which ensures that their manufacturing adheres to a strictly-controlled process that does not involve harmful substances or chemicals that hurt our planet. We do not use fur, angora, shearling, horsehair, exotic skins, down, or feathers. We invest where we can in alternative technologies and innovative materials, like Cashball®, which is a sustainable down alternative. We also do our best, wherever possible, to avoid using leather, silk, and materials that cause plastic microfibers to be released into our oceans and waterways. Our wool is ethically sourced and non-mulesed. And when we collaborate with other brands and they are responsible for producing our co-branded products, we also hold those brands to rigorous standards of ethical production.

The global fashion industry produces over 92 million tons of waste per year. At Rowing Blazers, we work to upcycle waste materials: our end-of-the-day rugby shirts and our patchwork tweed are all made from upcycled scraps of fabric that would normally be considered waste. From design and development to construction and packaging, we are rigorous and earnest in our attempts to promote human, animal, and environmental welfare.

These values, and these choices, mean that we don’t, and can’t, compete with big corporations and “fast fashion” brands on price. But that’s okay with us — and with our customers.

We are a small, young, New York-based brand, as well as a diverse, global community. We invite you to discover our world, and to join us.

Members of the organization Play Rugby USA wearing our rugby shirts
Image of various threads used to produce our clothing
Model wearing a stack of our most popular dad hats
Child at a rowing event with our partner Row New York
Person sowing a button onto a blazer
Model pulling on a crewneck with a racquet patch on the front
Person sowing a tag on a Bath Club tie