The Rowing Blazers Clubhouse (Our pop-up is now a real shop!)

The Rowing Blazers Clubhouse (Our pop-up is now a real shop!)

The Rowing Blazers Clubhouse opened its doors in June 2018, for what was intended to be a three month pop-up. At the time, the space was way too big for us, so we invited friends like Eric Emanuel and Tracksmith to share it with us. As the summer went on, the corner of Grand and Centre started to feel like home. 

We extended the lease month by month by month, so we could stay a bit longer. And when the opportunity presented itself, we decided to turn what started as a pop-up into a real shop — our first and only Rowing Blazers flagship. Now after a month-and-a-half of renovating, we’re ready to open our doors again.

During its time as a pop-up, the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse has become a true gathering place for an eclectic community from our neighborhood and farther afield. In updating our space, we’ve kept this purpose in mind.

We added a vintage billiards table and throwback Streetfighter II arcade, as well as a new ping-pong table to our vintage Coke dispenser and much-loved foosball.

The floor is now painted in our signature zig zag stripe; a single sculling boat hangs from the ceiling; and our walls are updated with new original pieces by Donald Robertson and Brian Nash.

Our blazers and rugbies now sit alongside a wide range of new product including hoodies, crewnecks, number tees, and a curation of product from Sperry Cloud, Birdwell, Bowery Football Club, Edith Young, Sugarloaf Social Club, Jessica Biales, and Dylan Decker.

We’re also carrying a small but high-quality selection of vintage finds from founder Jack Carlson’s personal collection and our favorite Brooklyn vintage shops Wooden Sleepers and Crowley Vintage — as well as rare Rolex, Heuer, and Seiko watches from Foundwell and Wind Vintage.

Rowing Blazers Clubhouse
161 Grand Street
New York, New York

M-Fri 10-7
Sat 11-7
Sun 12-6