Rowing Blazers Athletes Program

Rowing Blazers Athletes Program

The NCAA recently revised its rules, allowing college athletes to partner with brands for the first time. We're proud to launch the Rowing Blazers Athletes program in collaboration with Seven Seven Six and Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression (AAAD).

“With the NCAA rule change, I think a lot of companies are seizing the opportunity to sign college athletes up as brand ambassadors. With Rowing Blazers, I wanted to do something a little more meaningful,” said Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson (himself a former college athlete). “Athlete mental health is in the spotlight right now, thanks in no small measure to Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, and others. But it’s just as important at the collegiate level. We’re proud to be partnering with AAAD, and with some amazing student athletes, to bring more attention to mental health in collegiate athletics, and to raise money for the AAAD Foundation.”

Alexis Ohanian, founder of Seven Seven Six, writes: “We’ve built Seven Seven Six with software and empathy; and there’s no better partner for our first apparel collaboration than Rowing Blazers. Just as we’re investing in the mental health of our founders through our 2% Growth & Caregiving Commitment, we’re thrilled that this collaboration is investing in the mental health of college athletes through the great work of AAAD.”

The Founder of Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression (AAAD), China McCarney struggled with depression and anxiety throughout his college and professional baseball career. “I did not want anyone to know about it because I was terrified of the stigma attached to mental health issues. It is so refreshing to see the landscape changing and seeing more courageous athletes and professionals speaking up for mental health awareness. AAAD is so proud to be partnered with Rowing Blazers and Seven Seven Six to continue to shed light on a life saving topic and to raise awareness and funds to make a difference in the mental health community."

Selected athletes will receive a special edition tee not available to the general public; a Rowing Blazers discount code they can share that will help raise money for AAAD; and opportunities for additional products and partial scholarships. If you're a college athlete, you can apply now by completing the form below.