This is Connor Wood

AKA @fibula
This is Connor Wood

 We spent the day with Connor Wood (aka @fibula) and asked him about his style, his story, and what inspires him.

This has been quite the year for you, tell us a little about it.

I went to get a tattoo in July of 2020, and when I sat down at the table the guy asked me what I wanted and I was like “oh shit I didn’t get that far.” That’s pretty much a good summary of the past 12 or so months. No plan, saying yes to everything and figuring it out as I go. Oh and the tattoo says ‘could be worse!’ … another great summary of the past year.

Where did you grow up?

Dad was in the military so I was born in Austin, TX- moved to Guam, then Hawaii, then California, then Vegas, then back to Austin TX. So Texas is the easy answer if I’m at a bar answering this. 

Who are your style icons? Feel free to give a long list.

Mix between Ezra Koenig, Evan Mock, I would say Diplo but he for sure ripped Willie Nelson, Tommy Hilfiger who I almost didn’t mention because I sat next to him on a plane last month and he was wearing a purple scarf to match his purple loafers, and every Lord of Dogtown.

What are your favorite brands?

Gap, Levis, Chinatown Market, Pendleton, and ofc RB 

How would you describe your personal style?

Product of my environment but not TOO peer pressured 

Tell us about a project you’re especially proud of.

There’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline right now, I can’t wait to re-answer this in like 6 months. But I’m really proud of these currently non-existent projects I’m sitting on. Also I’m really proud of my Ben Franklin tri-fold poster project about electricity from 5th grade, let me know if you want pics of it. 

Who are some of the people Tik Tok has connected you with irl?

Feels weird to say, but legitimately almost all of my friends currently are somehow related to posting that first video on TikTok. 

What’s the last liked song on your Spotify right now?

Crazy Bitch x Buckcherry ;)