This is Stephanie Nass (Renowned pastry chef Chefanie on style and aesthetic desserts)

This is Stephanie Nass (Renowned pastry chef Chefanie on style and aesthetic desserts)

We love our friends. They are artists and adventurers, scholars and sportsmen, renegades and rogues. They inspire Rowing Blazers with their creativity. Stephanie Nass is a renowned pastry chef. After studying art history at Columbia, she took an unconventional turn and went to the International Culinary Center, where she earned Le Grand Diplôme. We chatted with Stephanie about her famous desserts and what inspires her.

RB: Tell us a little about your background and how you got into the culinary arts.

SN: I grew up in a family where the dining table was the culmination of happiness. My mother cooked delicious feasts every single night -- whether there were guests or just our core immediate family. For us, dinner was a celebration of each day. I always loved being in the kitchen with my mom as she cooked these meals to help or watch. When I was 16, I moved to France and began taking formal cooking lessons. At this point, I realized that the culinary arts could and would become my career. 

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RB: Tell us about Victory Club.

SN: Victory Club is a roving supper club that brings young professionals together over the culinary and visual arts. We create art-inspired meals and bites in galleries, museums, artists' studios, and collectors homes to create conversation among the group. Most of the events take place in New York, but we have done pop-ups in London, Miami, and the Hamptons.

RB: How did Chefanie Sheets come about?

SN: Chefanie Sheets originally were used to create art-inspired cakes for Victory Club events but ultimately became kits for cooks at home to decorate treats. We now ship Chefanie Sheets all over the world! 

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RB: Tell us about how you match cake and clothing.

SN: We can customize Chefanie Sheets in any pattern or color, so anyone can match their cakes to their clothing. 

RB: Tell us about your personal style.

SN: Bold but rooted in traditional. I love vivid prints, deep colors, one-of-a-kind accessories, big gold jewelry, fire engine red details, and a basket full of treats. 

RB: What inspires your aesthetic?

SN: Movies, travels, my friends, my mom...  

RB: Favorite Rowing Blazers products?

SN: Love my double breasted blazer over mini dresses, long dresses, jeans, or a bikini... I covet all the vintage preppy trinkets... 

RB: Top eats in New York?

SN: Cafe Fiorello, Souvlaki GR, my kitchen... 

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RB: Any pop ups or product launches coming up?

SN: Stay tuned at

Photos by Molly Kirk.