Pre-Fall "Wall Street Bloodbath" Capsule Live Now (Shop the limited edition Pre-Fall capsule now)


Rowing Blazers pre-fall “Wall Street Bloodbath” capsule drops Thursday 8/23. Inspired by American Psycho and 80’s excess, the limited edition collection consists of the Pierce & Pierce banker bag ($125); yellow Finance dad hat ($48); and Wall Street Bloodbath tees in white and black ($55).

Banker bags - the little navy canvas duffles emblazoned with investment bank logos on its webbed cotton straps - are a New York icon. For some, they are a badge of honor. For others, a token of unearned privilege. But whether you’ve protested Wall Street bailouts or just passed your Series 7, we can all agree that these little bags are so square that they’re hip. More than that, they’re the perfect size; deceptively simple; convenient and well-built. Isn’t it time there was a banker bag for the masses?

Rowing Blazers partnered with with Warden Brooks, the mother-daughter owned company that has made the authentic Wall Street Duffle since 1978, to produce a banker bag we can all enjoy. Just like the canvas bags Warden Brooks makes for the like of Goldman, Merrill, and the New York Stock Exchange, this one is hand crafted in Connecticut from 18 oz. canvas with a water-resistant finish. What makes this bag more fun? The straps are emblazoned with the corporate logo of Pierce & Pierce Mergers and Acquisitions: the fictional firm of Patrick Bateman in Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho.

The 80’s are back, and this is the perfect bag for returning lots of videotapes. The bag is complemented by a tongue-in-cheek yellow dad hat and two graphic tees referencing the darker side of finance.

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