This is Patrick McGinnis (The Man Who Invented FOMO)

This is Patrick McGinnis (The Man Who Invented FOMO)

Patrick McGinnis is an author, adventurer, investor, and speaker based in New York City. He also coined the phrase “FOMO,” “Fear Of Missing Out.”

His latest book on choice and decision-making, Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice, has just come out and is available here.

We chatted with Patrick (pre quarantine) about his sense of style, his influences, and, of course, about FOMO in the age of social distancing.

Rowing Blazers: How did your time at Georgetown influence your style?

Patrick McGinnis: I grew up in Maine and showed up on campus wearing L.L. Bean from hat to socks. At Georgetown, I graduated to the standard prep uniform that is worn on the hilltop. But I added a twist: a killer leather coat that I picked up during my year abroad in Argentina.  

RB: If you could describe your life /brand in 3 adjectives, what would they be?

PM: Irreverent, innovative, international

RB: Who is your biggest inspiration?

PM: Jay McInerney, Billy Joel, and Whit Stillman. Their collective work is the reason I moved to New York City.  

RB: Where do you find you experience the most FOMO?

PM: Like most everyone I know, social media. LinkedIn gives me career FOMO, Instagram gives me life FOMO.  That’s why I hide them away in a folder at the back of my phone.  

RB: What is your favorite spot to write/read in NYC?

PM: I basically wrote my book proposal at Rebel Coffee on Hudson Street in the West Village. That place is so magical that I thanked the staff in the acknowledgements section of my book.  

RB: How has being known as the man who invented FOMO changed your life?

PM: Besides being the basis for my podcast, FOMO Sapiens, and my book, it’s made sure I always have something cheeky to talk about at dinner parties.  

RB: How is your latest book relevant and applicable for people during quarantine?

PM: The book is fundamentally about how to make better decisions, both big and small, no matter how overwhelming the circumstances. That’s something we all need to do right now at home and as we re-enter the world. Plus, FOMO has survived the pandemic (just look at your screen-time).

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