The Harlem River Challenge

Every meter rowed, cycled, or run by participants from July 17th-19th will unlock money for Row New York.

Rowing Blazers is proud to sponsor Row New York’s Harlem River Challenge.

The HRC is normally a rowing race for charity that takes place on the Harlem River, raising funds for Row New York - a rowing and academic program focused on kids in New York City’s under-resourced communities, which, from my perspective, is doing more actual substantive work to help make the sport more diverse than anyone else we can think of in the U.S.

This year, the event will take place virtually, and anyone can participate by erging, running, or cycling (or rowing if you have a single or something!). Every meter rowed, cycled, or run by participants July 17th-19th will unlock more money for the organization pledged by donors and sponsors, so there is no donation required to participate. It’s a great excuse to be active, rack up a lot of meters in a single weekend, challenge yourself, engage in some friendly competition with your friends, and support a great cause!

Register here.

And you can read more about Row New York and its impact here.