The 37th Annual Annapolis Cup

Photos from the 37th annual Annapolis Cup

As proud sponsors of this year's 37th annual Annapolis Cup, we made sure both teams looked their best during the game. The Johnnies, whose costumes are always a surprise on the day of the match, wore Rowing Blazers’ signature croquet stripe jackets this year, while the Midshipmen wore custom white jackets made by Rowing Blazers for the 28th Company “The Club”, which traditionally represents the Academy in croquet.

Set in the heart of Annapolis, the annual croquet match has become a community-wide celebration, attracting thousands of spectators in outrageous lawn party attire.

According to legend, one spring day in 1982, the Commandant of the Naval Academy got chatting with a St. John’s freshman and quipped that the Midshipmen could beat the Johnnies at any sport. The student countered, “What about Croquet?” and the Annapolis Cup was born. 2019 marks the 30th victory for The Johnnies.

Shop our Annapolis Cup collection here and see photos from the event below. Photos by Molly Kirk.