The Annapolis Cup

The annual croquet match between St. John's College and the United States Naval Academy

The Annapolis Cup is an annual croquet match between two unlikely cross-town collegiate rivals: the venerable, left-leaning, Great Books-reading St. John’s College, and the United States Naval Academy. We are a partner of The Annapolis Cup and are proud to make blazers for both teams. This year would have marked the 38th time the Johnnies and Midshipmen have competed.

 The Johnnies of St. John's College have won 30 of the 37 matches played, and while many spectators do care about what the outcome is, this beloved event is about so much more for Annapolitans. Set in the heart of downtown Annapolis, the annual croquet match has become a community-wide springtime celebration, attracting thousands of people in outrageous lawn party attire.

 According to legend, one spring day in 1982, the Commandant of the Naval Academy got chatting with a St. John’s freshman and quipped that the Midshipmen could beat the Johnnies at any sport. The student countered, “What about Croquet?” and the Annapolis Cup was born.

We are re-releasing select pieces from our Annapolis Cup capsule, and, of course, our signature “croquet stripe” collection which is available here.

Photos by Molly Kirk.