SS19 Drop 1 available now

Shop the first delivery of our new Spring / Summer 2019 collection

Featuring made-in-USA heavyweight reverse-weave crewnecks and hoodies with hand embroidered motifs; jackets, trousers, and shorts in a Gordon tartan cotton beautifully woven in Japan; club caps; and American-made schoolboy soccer shirts with twill tab collars (the lighter weight cousin of the rugby shirt). Shop Drop 1 now.

From childhood, we're programmed to fit in with one tribe or another: jocks, nerds, preps, punks, artists, surfers, the so-called cool kids, whatever.  Then at some point, hopefully, you reject these labels and stop trying to be a cookie-cutter person - and you take the time to learn about some of the cool things from all these worlds.  As a brand, we reject labels like this, because we think the most interesting people are the ones who don't fit in.

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