Sperry x Rowing Blazers (Shop Sperry x Rowing Blazers limited edition collaboration)

Sperry x Rowing Blazers (Shop Sperry x Rowing Blazers limited edition collaboration)

We are proud to release our limited edition collaboration with heritage footwear brand Sperry. 

"I’ve been wearing Sperrys since I was a kid,” says Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson. “When I was in high school and college, all of the rowers used to wear Top-Siders down to the boathouse. It's a classic, nautical, American brand with a lot of tradition and a great history. It's also a little quirky; it's youthful, fun, and inclusive. Nothing could be more on-brand for Rowing Blazers, which also prides itself on being both authentic and irreverent. It’s an honor to join the ranks of designers including Scott Sternberg's Band of Outsiders, Jack Spade, and Noah who have collaborated with the brand.”

The Sperry x Rowing Blazers collection features six iconic classics updated in Rowing Blazers’ signature style. Featuring mismatched accents, croquet stripe fabrics, and rugby stripe foxing, this collection is rooted in the classics, with a decidedly youthful, irreverent edge. 

The CVO canvas sneaker and the iconic boat shoe are both updated in Rowing Blazers’ offbeat style elements. The collection re-introduces the OG Cup sneaker based on a vintage sailing shoe from the 1990s. A clean pair of white CVO canvas sneakers features mismatched “Port” and “Starboard” accents in orange-red and green. A navy CVO is detailed with yellow-and-navy rugby stripe foxing. A third CVO is made with Rowing Blazers' Gordon Modern tartan plaid. Sperry’s A/O Authentic Original boat shoe is done in navy canvas with Rowing Blazers' trademark croquet stripe on Sperry's classic razor siped rubber outsole and on matching eyelets. And a Seamate boat shoe is made using Rowing Blazers' signature croquet stripe.

The Sperry x Rowing Blazers collection is now available online and in-store at the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse, 161 Grand Street, NYC. The collaboration will also be available for order at our Brentwood pop-up in Los Angeles. 

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