Cotton Jackets Made in NYC for Every Occassion

New Styles Available Now

Our 100% Cotton Seersucker jacket is the latest drop in our collection of quintessential summer jackets. The vibe is 80's, high summer, New York City. But this isn't a country club look: dress it up or down, this is the perfect jacket for all occasions, now until the leaves start to fall.

Our Varsity Cotton Blazer was rendered in the style of the cotton jackets worn at the annual Dutch Varsity regatta - where student rowers famously engage in semi-organized fights, grabbing each other by the lapels and trying to wrestle each other to the ground. Our cotton twill is sturdy enough to survive the occasional scuffle (it's been battle-tested), and breathable enough to be worn year round.  With tonal navy buttons, this is the less flashy version of our classic navy wool blazer and a true wardrobe staple.