Rowing Blazers x The Honeybee Conservancy

New bee hats for Pollinator Week

This week is Pollinator Week - a week to celebrate the important role of pollinators in our ecosystem, and to spread the word about what we can do to protect them.  Pollinators include birds, butterflies, bats, beetles - and, of course, bees.At Rowing Blazers, the bee has been an important part of our brand since the beginning. We've made hats and ties with a carefully embroidered bee motif, and many of our blazers feature brass buttons adorned with bee and bee-hive motifs.  Our double-breasted blazer is emblazoned with Latin proverb "Ubi mel ibi apes": "Where there is honey, there are bees."But bee populations are dying at an alarming rate. And these tiny creatures play a gigantic role in our creating and maintaining our food supply, the stability of our ecosystem, and biodiversity. So we've decided to partner with The Honeybee Conservancy, a non-profit established in response to the bee crisis. The Honeybee Conservancy engages in education and outreach; and supports bee research and builds bee habitats, while increasing access to organic, sustainable food in under-served communities.We're releasing our signature bee hat in three new colorways for Pollinator Week.  And for this week - and for the next month - we are donating 20% of our proceeds from all four of our bee hats and our bee tie to The Honeybee Conservancy.

Help us help the Honeybees, and visit to learn more about what you can do for these magnificent little creatures.

Photos via The Honeybee Conservancy