Rowing Blazers x Men in Blazers

Rowing Blazers x Men in Blazers

We both have “blazers” in the name — but we also share a love for the beautiful game, a passion for American pop culture, and a slightly subversive sense of humor.

The collection, designed with Men in Blazers co-host Roger “Rog” Bennett, “celebrates the journey of our fandom - the soaring highs and agonizing traumas we’ve experienced collectively along the way.” Bennett continues: “It is a genuine joy to partner with Rowing Blazers. Keen-eyed viewers will know just how often I wear their gear. During the numbing agony of lockdown, I found that wearing clothing that was joyful and uplifting gave me the energy I needed to push through even the darkest days and bring joy to those around me. Rowing Blazers is based on that ethos. There is a sense of humor baked into every garment - a currency that is in short supply in our world. So savor these. It gives me incredible pleasure to think of so many GFOPs wearing them through this World Cup year and making memories that I hope, like these garments, will last forever.”

This isn’t our first foray into the world of soccer: we collaborated with legendary British jersey-maker Umbro last year, and Rowing Blazers Creative Director and founder Jack Carlson is a self-confessed fan.

Jack explains: “I was an American kid growing up in London in the mid ’90s. I love that era of soccer. This collection pays tribute to it — and to the friendship Rog and I have struck up over a series of banterous Zoom calls during the pandemic.”

Each piece features a Rowing Blazers x Men in Blazers graphic reminiscent of US Soccer’s mid-1990s logo, which Bennett lovingly describes as “a flying ball blasting wildly to Lord-knows-where.”