Rowing Blazers x FILA

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Rowing Blazers and FILA have teamed up to create a limited-edition collection that combines Rowing Blazers' sense of irreverence with FILA’s sporting heritage.

FILA has always been one of my favorite brands, so this is a dream collab for me,” says Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson. “While rowing was always my primary sport, tennis was a close second — and more often than not, I’d play decked in head to toe FILA. I loved living in Oxford, because almost all the courts there are grass. Being out there on a grass court, wearing FILA, surrounded by dreaming spires, hitting that felt ball — there’s nothing better.”

The capsule consists of classic styles inspired by 1970's FILA tennis legends including: warm-up tops and bottoms in red and navy - but augmented with Rowing Blazers’ signature zig zag pattern and trim, and a double logo lock-up; a twist on the classic FILA pinstripe tennis shirt in white with a navy collar and red placket - but on this edition, the stripes have been replaced with zig-zags; a pair of classic white shorts with the signature zig-zag knitted into the ribbed elastic; and, perhaps most excitingly, a special edition of the iconic FILA Tennis 88 sneaker in pebble grain with a crazy zig-zag hit.

The collection is available exclusively here.