The Rowing Blazers Fun Shirt in Esquire UK

Esquire's Favorite Fun Shirt

We're honored to be featured in Esquire UK's May 2020 issue.

From the article:

"You can still buy a fun shirt at Brooks Brothers. And this spring, plenty of other labels are offering their own, including New York brand Aimé Leon Dore, Jermyn Street's Thomas Pink - which has unveiled limited edition patchwork shirts made from its London factory offcuts - and Drake's, which makes its fun shirt in Somerset.

But Esquire's favorite is from Rowing Blazers. 'I used to scour eBay, Etsy and vintage shops looking for this fun shirt colour,' says founder Jack Carlson of his own creation. 'For me, these are the right colours, stripe, width. If I'm getting a fun shirt, this is what I want.'"

Check out the feature below.