Real Nantucket Reds Live Now

Original Nantucket Reds by Murray's Toggery Shop

At the top of Main Street on Nantucket Island sits the iconic Murray’s Toggery Shop. In the 1960s, Philip C. Murray introduced the now famous Nantucket Reds: a distinctive shade of red canvas trousers, intended to fade over time and recalling the traditional red canvas sails of boats off the coast of Brittany. Immortalized in The Official Preppy Handbook, Murray’s and the Nantucket Red color are now synonymous with the island. 

Rowing Blazers is very proud to work with Murray’s Toggery. It’s one of only a handful of third-party stores worldwide we allow to stock and sell our collection. Now we are even prouder to curate our own little collection of authentic Nantucket Red products by Murray’s Toggery: a dad hat; a sweatshirt; and canvas gym shorts - all in the iconic shade of red, and each featuring an embroidered map of the island in navy.

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