Nom Wah x Rowing Blazers

Our collaboration with New York City's first dim sum restaurant is available now

Nom Wah Tea Parlor opened in 1920 as a tea parlor and bakery on Chinatown's famous Doyers Street. Its location is known as "The Bloody Angle" for the street's sharp dogleg, and the warring gangs who used the corner to mount surprise attacks on their rivals in the early 20th century. For most of its existence, the restaurant was known primarily for its almond cookies and mooncakes. Since current owner Wilson Tang took over the business from his uncle Wally in 2011, dim sum has become the main attraction at Nom Wah.

At Rowing Blazers, we love history, and we love iconic eating establishments and watering holes: spots that are steeped in tradition and haven't lost their character, but are as relevant as ever. Nom Wah is all of that and more. It's also a favorite gathering place for the Rowing Blazers team.

The limited edition NW x RB collaboration is available now online at and instore at 161 Grand Street NYC.

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