Made in New York: Why?

Well, let us explain

Each of our blazers is handmade in Manhattan.  Most people, even apparel industry veterans, are shocked when they hear this.  How?  Why?!  Let us explain why:

For one thing, it's important to us not to cut any corners.  To do as much by hand as we can, and to be true to the details and construction techniques that went into the vintage blazers from the '20s and '30s hanging in our office.  As designers, to work directly with the men and women actually sewing the garment.  That's extremely important to us, and making our pieces in New York allows us to do that.

We are also supporting the effort to save Manhattan's historic Garment District.   But most importantly, we also believe that the craftsmen and -women making these pieces should enjoy great working conditions and the kind of real salaries their amazing work warrants.  This means, of course, that our costs are higher than they would be if we were manufacturing in a part of the world with less rigorous labor laws.  But it's a cost we'll gladly pay, and we hope that our customers share these values.

Our ties and belts are also made right here in New York, while our shirts are made just across the river in New Jersey.  We put on Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits every time we drive over.