From the archive of Gyles and George, jumpers that have been making people smile since the 1980s

An iconic Diana knit, a soft pink and white sweater with the cryptic phrase “I’m A Luxury,” forms part of Rowing Blazers’ FW20 collection, produced in collaboration with the jumper’s original designers: Gyles Brandreth, a British writer, entertainer, and sometime Member of Parliament, and George Hostler, an artist and sculptor turned knitwear designer. Known for their sense of humor, the pair made sweaters for the Princess of Wales, Elton John, and for Gyles himself – whose own television career became closely intertwined with their colorful jumpers.

 Gyles says, “When I was appearing regularly on TV-am, Countdown, and game shows like Give Us A Clue, George and I created new jumper designs for me to wear for each appearance. This was all before the age of the internet – let alone the fax. Because he was based in Leicester and I was in London, I’d call him to discuss an idea, or send a doodle of a design to him on a postcard; he’d then create the jumper, parcel it up and send it up to London by train. I’d be at the parcels office at St Pancras station several days a week picking up packages from George.”

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