Hypebeast Sits Down With Rowing Blazers Founder Jack Carlson

Rower, Author, Archaeologist, Designer — Jack Carlson of Rowing Blazers Does It All

"We’re proud to announce the return and rebranding of the new and improved HYPEBEAST Radio. With the launch of our music show, Sound Check, HYPEBEAST Radio has quickly expanding into a burgeoning podcast network. We’re also re-launching our flagship show under the new name HB•R — simpler, cleaner and more concise.

We wanted to start season two of the show with a distinguished guest, and Jack Carlson is most certainly that. HBR has profiled its fair share of streetwear designers and influencers over the past year, but Jack has a truly illustrious resume: he’s a three-time member of the US National Rowing team, a published academic, author and archaeologist. He’s also the cofounder and designer of Rowing Blazers, a menswear brand that focuses on the sporty sartorial staple.

Nowadays, Blazers may be considered stuffy and bougie, particularly among the streetwear set, but Jack thinks the jackets deserve a better reputation. That’s why Carlson combined his knowledge and passion for heraldry, heritage and vexillology to create pieces that are playful and youthful, instead of uptight.

We spoke to Jack about his time on the rowing team, what streetwear and studying at Oxford have in common, and pizza, among other things."

Listen to the full interview on Hypebeast Radio.