David Hockney-Inspired Rugbies

November is RUGBY MONTH

November is RUGBY MONTH at Rowing Blazers. Our month-long tribute to the rugby shirt includes multiple drops, beginning today with a delivery of David Hockney and Mick Jagger-inspired hoop-striped rugbies.

We have a few very exciting rugby-related announcements coming later this month, and we’ll also be hosting an exhibition of rare and unusual vintage rugby shirts at the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse in NYC beginning November 8th.

The rugby shirt has its origins in traditional British sport, but it’s found its way into the menswear canon, where it commands serious respect in the diverse worlds of streetwear, prep, and “dad style.” We’re incredibly proud of the accolades our rugbies have earned, and we see ourselves as stewards of the rugby shirt tradition. Fellow rugby shirt devotees, take heart and stay tuned for more.

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