Fictional collegiate and tourist-style apparel is available now.

We like to think of Rowing Blazers not only as a brand, but also as a community — and a platform for emerging designers and brands (or, to put it less pretentiously, perhaps, friends and people we’ve come to know who are doing and making interesting things). One of these people is Dillon Milardo, a prolific vintage collector who started making fictional collegiate-style and tourist-style tees in his college dorm and selling them under the label “Firstport.” Unlike many of the pieces in Dillon’s collection, they aren’t high fashion; but who cares? We like them. “They remind me of two things, both of which are good memories: traveling around Europe and always picking up the corniest or funniest tourist tee you could find wherever you went; and visiting colleges as a high school student and picking up an obligatory item from bookstores at universities you know you'll never attend,” says Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson.

The Firstport collection is available here.