Goodbye Grand Street

For Now

After nearly 3 years on the corner of Grand and Centre, our New York Clubhouse store is closing.

Rowing Blazers as a brand is not going anywhere, and in fact we’re doing better than ever. But we created our store as a center for the community — a place to gather and hang out, a place for events and parties (and oh did we have some great parties!). That’s not possible with the pandemic going on, so we’re going to focus our attention online for now.

Our online store (which has always been our primary way of connecting with people worldwide) and our “LA Embassy” at Fred Segal are open for business as usual. And we have plans for pop-ups and a new home in New York when life starts to return to normal! But we still have a little tear in our eyes as we think about all the memories in this space.

As we prepare to move out, we’ll be having a sample sale all weekend, featuring some very cool things that have been hiding in our basement and back office — including never-before-seen development samples.

The sample sale will take place exclusively in the Rowing Blazers clubhouse, and will conclude Sunday evening, when we will wave goodbye, for now, to our little home on the corner of Grand and Centre and focus our efforts, for now, on