Beams Plus x Rowing Blazers

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Legendary Japanese brand and retailer Beams Plus has tapped Rowing Blazers for a limited edition yacht club-inspired collaboration.

With a deep appreciation for traditional American style, Beams Plus has been a part of Rowing Blazers’ small circle of international retailers since the brand launched. Beams’ ability to present the classics in a way that is both relevant and authentic has been a major source of inspiration for Rowing Blazers from the beginning.

The Beams Plus x Rowing Blazers capsule is inspired by vintage yacht racing. Featuring an authentic yacht watch with three unique NATO watch straps, a split-color anorak, a set of dad hats, a blazer with port and starboard detailing, polos, t-shirts, and elastic-waist sailing shorts, the collection is colorful and quintessentially nautical but also understated and wearable.

The collaborative logo is a tongue-in-cheek take on classic yacht club insignia, while the collection also subtly incorporates the nautical alphabet, using flags to spell the two brands’ respective initials.

The collection also draws inspiration from New York City, specifically the Central Park Model Yacht Club - where New Yorkers of all ages gather every Saturday to race not 12 meter yachts, but small-scale model sailboats; a fun reminder that you don’t need to own a boat to enjoy the sailing life and its trappings. To pay homage to the time-honored “yacht club,” the collection’s editorial was shot at the Conservatory Water pond one lively Saturday.

The Beams Plus x Rowing Blazers collaboration is now available online and in store.

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