Rowing Blazers x Lands' End Port/Starboard Windbreaker

Windbreaker - $99

Rowing Blazers x Lands' End Port/Starboard Windbreaker

Windbreaker $99


Rowing Blazers x Lands' End classic lightweight windbreaker. A true sailing inspired Port/Starboard blocked windbreaker from the Lands’ End vintage vault.


100% Seafaring Polyester Water Proof Fabric. Secure White Lands’ End Branded Snaps. White bottom hem cord to snitch when the weather permits.

Size & Fit

Unisex. (Men's sizes). Classic fit.

About Rowing Blazers x Lands' End

Our latest collaboration with American heritage brand Lands’ End consists of a split-color “Port/Starboard” windbreaker, and a ‘90s-inspired teal and magenta rugby with a crisp white twill collar. The windbreaker design is adapted from the Lands’ End archives, but rendered now in a water-resistant nylon with mesh lining. The rugby is 100% cotton and features the sleeve patch of all our limited-edition collaborative rugbies. Both pieces are extremely limited in quantity.

The windbreaker draws on the Lands’ End’s nautical roots (the company began as a supplier of yachting equipment) - and of course on Rowing Blazers’ own origins in the sport of rowing and as a outfitter to rowing clubs and teams around the world. The rugby speaks to a chapter in the history of the rugby shirt that is often overlooked: not the 1870s and the birth of international rugby union, or even the 1960s and the days of Jagger and Hockney. But rather the 1990s, when the rugby as we know it came into its own, and served as a canvas for color combinations that bring a smile to the face of anyone who lived through that strange and wonderful decade.

According to Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson: “Our collaborations with Lands' End - last season and this season - are all about nostalgia. That's the key for me. I think my generation has a great sense of nostalgia - a great longing, in fact - for the '80s and '90s. Lands' End was an important part of my youth, and as a brand Lands’ End did so much to make bright colors part of the everyday visual vernacular of American households across the country. Lands' End was also instrumental in making the rugby shirt a staple of the American wardrobe. That passion for color, the sense of fun, the feeling for tradition without being stuffy, the sense of nostalgia without being stuck in the past -- these are the elements of shared DNA between Rowing Blazers and Lands' End.

The port-starboard jacket is an icon from the Lands' End archives that I've wanted to bring back for a long time; it's the kind of thing that vintage collectors love, and it speaks to the shared nautical heritage of the two brands. The magenta-and-teal rugby is my favorite piece from all of the collaborative product we've made with Lands' End. It takes a timeless canvas - the rugby shirt - and splashes it with an iconic '90s colorway. But somehow the result is so perfect for right now.”

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