Luke Edward Hall Tutankhamun Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie - $175

Luke Edward Hall Tutankhamun Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie $175


Handmade in New York. 100% Japanese wool. Single embroidered Luke Edward Hall Tutankhamun mask.

Size & Fit

One size. 2 7/8 inches wide.


London-based artist Luke Edward Hall and Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson share a love for the Classical world. In Luke’s case, it’s an aesthetic fascination: the architecture of Greco-Roman temples, and the human and divine body in sculpture. For Jack, it’s an academic pursuit: before establishing the New York-based menswear brand in 2017, he was a field archaeologist in Italy and earned a PhD in Roman archaeology at Oxford. The two met in 2014 when Jack’s book – also called Rowing Blazers – was published. But they reconnected when Rowing Blazers launched as a brand, and the idea of a collaboration came naturally to both of them. The capsule is based on a series of five illustrations by Luke Edward Hall inspired by the ancient world: a Greek vase; the mask of Tutankhamun; a discus-thrower; a set of ionic columns in ruin; and a statue bust.

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