LFANT "Protest" Short Sleeve Tee - Black

100% Cotton T-Shirt -

LFANT "Protest" Short Sleeve Tee - Black

100% Cotton T-Shirt


LFANT short sleeve crewneck t-shirt. This item ships directly from our brand partner. Please allow additional time for delivery.

The "Protest" t-shirt by LFANT pays respect to George Floyd. George Floyd was held down by the knee of a police officer for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which ultimately resulted in his death. On the front of the shirt it reads 8:46 and on the back it reads "Protest" repeatedly. The George Floyd death sparked the movement that will change the world. We cannot let the George Floyd's, Breonna Taylor's, Elijah McClain's of the world be forgotten...we must say their names.


100% cotton. 

Size & Fit

Men's true to size, relaxed fit.


LFANT, pronounced ele-ph-ant, gets its name from both the almighty ant and the colossal elephant: though opposites in scale, they are equal in strength, humility and unified in their way of life. The brand takes pride in its applique process of embroidery, distressing, bold prints, hand painted words and images. With its mission is to provide quality handmade garments that spark those feelings of childhood anew, LFANT seeks to evoke the sensation of when children find something they like and become completely enraptured by it — from the blanket they won’t put down to the tee they wear until it’s threadbare and dotted with holes.

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