Palms Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie - $148

Palms Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie $148


Handmade in New York. 100% Japanese wool. Single embroidered palms motif.


"Tipsy" Latin address label on back. (Props not included).

Size & Fit

One size. 2 7/8 inches wide.


"The finest and oldest Oxford pub (a thirteenth century institution) is The Bear Inn, where the walls and ceiling are covered in swatches of club, academic and regimental neckties.  If you go into The Bear wearing a club tie that does not already grace their establishment, you may have a piece of the tie snipped off with scissors in return for a half-pint of beer. The embroidery on some of the vintage ties in The Bear is stunning, and many of their motifs are at once whimsical, cryptic, and captivating. My favorites are those with a single, hand-embroidered motif under the knot; and they serve as the inspiration for this collection of ties. A symbol of abundance and expanse; romance and discovery; warmth and health, the palm appears frequently in the heraldry of tropical realms." - Jack

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