Drones Club Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie - $148

Drones Club Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie $148


Handmade in New York. 100% Japanese wool. Single embroidered drone bee motif. "Tipsy" Latin address label on back.

Size & Fit

One size. 2 7/8 inches wide.


This tie is inspired by a combination of things: the Drones Club of Jeeves & Wooster; the Wu-Tang swarm; and the Rushmore Beekeepers. At Rowing Blazers, the bee has been an important part of our brand since the beginning.  We've made hats and ties with a carefully embroidered bee motif, and many of our blazers feature brass buttons adorned with bee and bee-hive motifs.  Our double-breasted blazer is emblazoned with Latin proverb "Ubi mel ibi apes": "Where there is honey, there are bees."

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