Burgundy Eagles Coach's Jacket

100% Nylon jacket -

Burgundy Eagles Coach's Jacket

100% Nylon jacket


Nylon coach's jacket emblazoned with eagles motif on the back and on the front chest. Props not included.


100% nylon. Made in USA. Props not included.

Size & Fit

Relaxed fit.


This collection was inspired by the desire to cling to youth and the inevitability of "growing up," whatever that means: early adulthood’s mix of melancholy and excitement in all its nostalgic forms - Yuppie culture, identity crises, and a longing to go “back to school.” Films like St. Elmo's Fire - which takes place at RB founder Jack Carlson's alma mater, Georgetown - and series like Friends (shout out to "The One With All The Rugby") capture this spirit, as well as the zeitgeist of a seemingly simpler time, when the stakes were low and the world was young.

The collection - drawing on these '80s and '90s cultural moments in both attitude and style - is not just post-Ivy in the sense that it reflects a post-collegiate or post-graduation ethos, however. Post Ivy is also a play on Take Ivy - the (contrived, idealized) Japanese anthropological study of American campus culture in the late ‘50s that many since then have taken as a style bible. But in 2019, we believe that classic American collegiate style transcends narrow, and in any case artificial, categorizations like "Ivy style," and beyond the baggage that comes with these constructs and labels. Collegiate, by definition, is the intersection of traditional and youthful - and youth culture - a youthful sense of irony and irreverence - is as important an inspiration to this collection as the staged photos in books like Take Ivy.

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