100% Cotton T-Shirt .

Ametora Tee

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  • Cotton t-shirt.

  • 100% cotton. Made in Portugal.

  • Unisex. This item fits true-to-size (men's sizing).

  • "Ametora" is a Japanese slang portmanteau coined in the 1980s; it refers to the "American Traditional” style of menswear that was first defined by the seminal book Take Ivy and subsequently revolutionized the country’s culture during the post-war era.

    From Rowing Blazers Creative Director and founder Jack Carlson: "Our collection of elevated basics is inspired by my visits to Japanese vintage shops and the awesome quality sweats, tees, and polos you find there. I realized they feel fundamentally different from their equivalents that are being produced today. And not just because they're old. It's how they were made. So we worked with a group of amazing craftspeople in Portugal to recreate the hand, weight, and knit of our favorite vintage pieces in a range of colors. They're true basics — no logo, no nonsense. An important part of the Rowing Blazers world is irreverence: bold colors, crazy collaborations, and a sense of humor — but another, equally important part of our identity is this focus on quality, on timeless pieces that are eminently wearable and will last forever. Sometimes it's cool to not have a big logo or graphic, and just let the quality speak for itself."