Stan Waxed Jacket

One of a Kind Stan Jacket - $750

Stan Waxed Jacket

One of a Kind Stan Jacket $750


This surf-inspired railroad waxed canvas jacket is assembled with a waxed canvas and lined with an antique Indian Kantha quilt. The waxed canvas is hand waxed on a natural bee farm in Texas, USA, and gives the slight scent of bees honey. It's stiffness is an attribute that allows it to eventually form fit to the body after 10-12 wears. It's fabrication was inspired by 19th century Scottish fishermen who discovered that their canvas sails caught the wind more efficiently when impregnated with a wax or oil such as linseed. When the sail came to the end of its life, the fishermen would recycle their sails into weather resistant garments to wear while at sea. Over time, the fabric develops a history of its own. Getting scratched and scuffed, echoing the shape of its use. This gives it a beautiful patina that allows the jacket to become truly personalized.


Three pockets. Five buttons. The lining comes from an early twentieth century Indian Kantha quilt, exhibiting a hand stitched style and dual pattern dyed design. All idiosyncrasies, mending, and wear are unique to the original textile. Tailor made in Los Angeles. Dry clean only. All sales are final.

Size & Fit

Size: Medium. Runs true to size (men's sizes).


Created by artist and surfer Tristan Detwiler, Stan uses 100% upcycled vintage and antique textiles.

At Rowing Blazers, we love stories, and we love archaeology. For us, Stan’s use of found textiles gives each piece a sense of story, a sense of material biography. Hand-made in Los Angeles using vintage mending, quilting, and appliqué techniques, each Stan piece is one-of-a-kind.

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