Biker Wings Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie -

Biker Wings Tie

Japanese Wool Necktie


Handmade in New York. 100% Japanese wool. Single embroidered biker wings motif.


"Tipsy" Latin address label on back. (Props not included).

Size & Fit

One size. 2 7/8 inches wide.


"The complex, meaningful ‘heraldry,’ if it may be so called, of biker gangs is not so different from the system of sartorial one-upmanship of club, school and regimental ties. Man is a tribal creature: he yearns for symbols of belonging, status, distinction. Ceremonial robes, chiefly headdresses, academic gowns, heraldic tabards, and even military uniforms and business ‘power suits’ do not play as central a role in daily life as they may have in other times and places. But symbolic trappings are everywhere, hiding in plain sight." - Jack

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