Blazer Sizing

Size Chest Waist Arm Length
36S 36" 29"-31" 31.5"-32.5"
38R 38" 30"-32" 33.5"-34.5"
40R 40" 32"-34" 34"-35"
40L 40" 32"-34" 35.5"-36.5"
42R 42" 32"-34" 34.5"-35.5"
42L 42" 32"-34" 36"-37"
44R 44" 34"-38" 35"-36"
44L 44"
46R 46" 34"-40"
46L 46"
48R 48" 36"-40" 36"-37"
48L 48" 36"-40" 37.5"-38.5"
Size Chest Waist Arm Length
36S 91 cm 74-79 cm 80-83 cm
38R 97 cm 76-81 cm 85-88 cm
40R 102 cm 81-86 cm 86-89 cm
40L 102 cm 81-86 cm 90-93 cm
42R 107 cm 81-86 cm 88-90 cm
42L 107 cm 81-86 cm 91-94 cm
44R 112 cm 86-97 cm 89-91 cm
44L 112 cm 86-97 cm 93-95 cm
46R 117 cm 86-102 cm 90-93 cm
46L 117 cm 86-102 cm 94-97 cm
48R 123 cm 91-102 cm 91-94 cm
48L 123 cm 91-102 cm 95-98 cm


Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.

Arm Length

Bend your elbow around a 90 degree angle. Have someone hold measuring tape at the center back of your neck. Measure across your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist. The total length is your arm length.

Navy Flannel Blazer with "Swelled Seam" Topstich

3-roll-2-single-breasted blazer - $950

Navy Flannel Blazer with "Swelled Seam" Topstich

3-roll-2-single-breasted blazer $950


The perfect blue blazer. Handmade in New York. 100% year-round wool flannel. 3-roll-2 silhouette. Three patch pockets. Top-stitched "swelled seam" edges and pockets.


One vintage/secondhand lapel pin from our archive, and our handmade cloisonné buttonhole badge included. Cross-stitched Latin motto AVT VIAM INVENIAM AVT FACIAM under lapel. Rowing Blazers house button in brass, made in Connecticut. Unlined back. Self-lined fronts. Single button cuffs. Ventless. Props not included.

Size & Fit

This jacket has a modern cut.
36 runs short; 38-40 run regular. 42-46 available regular or long. Model is 5'11" and wears a 40.


"I wanted to create the perfect navy blazer; the blazer I always wanted, and the blazer every man deserves to have. This is our most understated blazer, but it still reflects our aesthetic and character. The three-roll-two silhouette, ventless back, flannel finish: these are qualities a proper blazer is supposed to have. Many have forgotten, but we shall remind them!  Details like the single cuff buttons; the vitreous enamel buttonhole badge; and the hidden, cross-stitched motto (which translates to 'I shall either find a way, or make a way,' erroneously attributed to Hannibal, as he led his elephant cavalry over the Alps) are subtle, crispy and cryptic." - Jack

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