Blazer Sizing

Size Chest Waist Arm Length
36S 36" 29"-31" 31.5"-32.5"
38R 38" 30"-32" 33.5"-34.5"
40R 40" 32"-34" 34"-35"
40L 40" 32"-34" 35.5"-36.5"
42R 42" 32"-34" 34.5"-35.5"
42L 42" 32"-34" 36"-37"
44R 44" 34"-38" 35"-36"
44L 44"
46R 46" 34"-40"
46L 46"
48R 48" 36"-40" 36"-37"
48L 48" 36"-40" 37.5"-38.5"
Size Chest Waist Arm Length
91 cm
74-79 cm 80-83 cm
97 cm
76-81 cm 85-88 cm
40R 102 cm 81-86 cm 86-89 cm
40L 102 cm 81-86 cm 90-93 cm
42R 107 cm 81-86 cm 88-90 cm
42L 107 cm 81-86 cm 91-94 cm
44R 112 cm 86-97 cm 89-91 cm
44L 112 cm 86-97 cm 93-95 cm
46R 117 cm 86-102 cm 90-93 cm
46L 117 cm 86-102 cm 94-97 cm
48R 123 cm 91-102 cm 91-94 cm
48L 123 cm 91-102 cm 95-98 cm


Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.

Arm Length

Bend your elbow around a 90 degree angle. Have someone hold measuring tape at the center back of your neck. Measure across your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist. The total length is your arm length.

8x3 Double Breasted Blazer

The "Prince Charlie" Blazer -

8x3 Double Breasted Blazer

The "Prince Charlie" Blazer


8x3 double breasted blazer (8 buttons, 3 rows closing). Handmade in New York. 100% American wool. Three pockets.


Handmade cloisonné buttonhole badge included. Cross-stitched Latin motto VBI MEL IBI APES under lapel. Eight brass bee buttons struck from a vintage die on front. Five working brass beehive cuff buttons struck from a vintage die on each cuff. Lined in navy and green house stripe. Double vents.

Size & Fit

This blazer has a modern cut.
36 runs short; 38-40 run regular. 42-46 come in both regular and long. Model is 5’11” and wears a 40.


"H.R.H. The Prince of Wales has an 8x3 double breasted blazer he has worn often for the past several decades. It looks as great today as it did in the 1970s. 8x3 refers to the total number of buttons on the front, eight, and the number or rows that button, three: this is a sharp, old-school cut that few have had the cojones to make in recent years. Ours is handmade in New York, and, like Charlie’s, has five working buttons on each cuff. The Drones Club buttons on the front and matching beehive cuff buttons complement the secret stitching under the lapel, VBI MEL IBI APES: ‘You catch more bees with honey.’ Happy honey-catching.” - Jack

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