Benrus "Orbit Robot" Dive Watch, 1972

Foundwell vintage - $895

Benrus "Orbit Robot" Dive Watch, 1972

Foundwell vintage $895


A Benrus "Orbit Robot" stainless steel automatic dive watch. This very unusual and great looking vintage watch is presented on an unusual signed Benrus stainless steel bracelet. The milled steel bi-directional bezel allows for timing an hour, and was designed initially for divers, with a white triangle at the 12 o'clock position for easy setting. The dial has a very handsome smoked grey metallic sunburst finish, with large hobnail style hour markers. This is all clearly timed through a set of bright orange, wide, baton hands and a block seconds hand. All of which pops off the dial, and again, was made for clear readability while underwater. There is a date window at the 3 o'clock position with both day and date. The date has a 'quick set' function, similar to that of some Omega models at the time with a 'push in' operation of the crown. The movement itself comes from Japanese maker Seiko, and represented some of the first 'Seiko' watches to make their way to the US market, at this time. When Berus went out of business in 1982, the VP of Benrus went to work for Seiko. Case size is 41mm (not including crown). Condition of watch is superb throughout and remains unpolished.
Curated by Foundwell.
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