Rowing Blazers x NBA Brooklyn Nets Banker Bag

NBA Duffle Bag -

Rowing Blazers x NBA Brooklyn Nets Banker Bag

NBA Duffle Bag


Hand crafted in Connecticut from 18 oz. canvas with a water-resistant finish. The perfect weekend duffle or gym bag, produced by the manufacturers of the original "banker bag."


Made in U.S.A. 17" long and 10" deep. The straps are emblazoned with the Brooklyn Nets logo.

Size & Fit

17" long; 10" deep.


For our collaboration with the NBA, Rowing Blazers' founder Jack Carlson took inspiration from classic American collegiate style and from the 1965 Japanese book Take Ivy. "The book was created by a group of Japanese guys who came over to the US in the early '60s and just photographed American college kids in their natural habitat and unwittingly created a style bible. For Rowing Blazers x NBA, I looked there, and I also looked at how some of my all-time favorite NBA players were dressing when they were in college. I thought about the kinds of things I like to wear, and just wanted to make timeless, elevated pieces, inspired by old-school Americana but luxe and really well made." The collection is made in the U.S., U.K., and Europe. True to the collegiate theme, the lookbook for the collection was photographed in an obsessive recreation of one of our favorite player's freshman dorm room located at The Graduate Chapel Hill. The collection includes the famous red-white-and-blue NBA logo, as well as the Knicks, Nets, Celtics, Bulls, Lakers, and Warriors; with plans for new teams to be added pending customer demand.

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