Seiko DX Watch

Foundwell vintage - $295

Seiko DX Watch

Foundwell vintage $295


An automatic stainless steel and gold plated Seiko DX model. This was Seiko's answer to the iconic Rolex Datejust, and one can see the many design influences that Seiko took from their Swiss counterparts; Coin edge bezel, and in this case the smooth bezel, bold hour markers and metallic salmon dial, like the copper seen on the Rolex. The crown set at the 4 o'clock position was very much the Seiko design feature, and the incorporation of the day of the week, as well as the date was an addition that the Rolex did not have. This, being an older model, is not a quick set date model. The 36mm cushion shaped case remains very clean and is unpolished, showing strong and sharp original lines.
Curated by Foundwell.
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